Aleister Crowley: The Biography


Born Edward Alexander Crowley in 1875, Crowley was a pansexual, mystic, occultist, ceremonial magician, deviant, recreational drug experimenter, poet and accomplished mountaineer who was also known as Frater Perdurabo and The Great Beast 666.

He founded the religious philosophy of Thelema which enforced an idealist, libertine rule of “Do what thou wilt.” The British press named him “The Wickedest Man in the World.”

At last, the unexpurgated, true story of the amazing Aleister Crowley—philosopher, poet, artist, writer, magus, explorer, parapsychologist—and spy. Packed with fresh research and previously unpublished ‘Crowleyana.’

For 100 years, Aleister Crowley’s true achievements have been suppressed and his true character defaced in a campaign of vilification unparalleled in British history. Until now, Crowley’s life has not been written—it has been written over.

Tobias Churton is a world authority on Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and Gnosticism. In writing Aleister Crowley, he enjoyed complete access to all Crowley’s restricted papers, unpublished letters and personal diaries kept in a trust at London’s Warburg Institute and in the Ordo Templi Orientis archives.

Ninety percent of the authentic material here has never before been published.

Author: Tobias Churton | Pages: 496

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