Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis


Millennia of religious literalism has led us to believe that Genesis 1-3 is a primitive mythological explanation of the human moral disposition.

But by understanding the text as pure kabbalistic metaphor, David Chaim Smith reveals a complete model of Divine creativity that removes the concept of a Creator God, and allows a new mystical understanding of the fathomless depth of Divinity.

Deconstructing each line of Genesis 1-3 with esoteric methods derived from the oral teachings of the Kabbalah, David Chaim Smith reveals how the ten sefirot, collectively known as the Tree of Life, are not simply a linear hierarchy. They are a unified interdependent whole with ten interactive functions, forming the template through which creative diversity manifests.

Through acts of creation and creativity, the mind expresses its Divine nature. Through our Divine creative power, we are able to touch upon Ain Sof (the infinite), the lifeblood of all creative expression. Smith’s line-by-line examination of Genesis 1-3 reveals a complete model not only of Divine creativity but also of the predicament of the human mind, of the Divine nature of consciousness as well as our inability to recognize the mind’s Divinity.

Author: David Chaim Smith | Pages: 224

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