Lords of Light: Path of Initiation in the Western Mysteries


With humility, humor, and conviction, Butler conveys an extensive knowledge of the occult mysteries, including ritual and ceremonial magic, the awakening of kundalini energy, and the path of the qabalistic tree of life.

The overriding theme of his lectures concerns regeneration of the personality and the relinquishing of the false ego through control of one’s mental and emotional reactions.

Born at the turn of the century, W. E. Butler studied in India among Hindu spiritual teachers and with the well-known mystic Annie Besant. In England, he worked closely with Dion Fortune in the Society of the Inner Light. At Butler’s request, Lords of Light was edited from his Ibis Fraternity lectures by his longtime student and friend, M.A. Geikie.

Author: W. E. Butler | Pages: 192

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