Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts


This book is for those interested in an overview of learning about what real practical alchemy is, the rewards for those who practice alchemy, and a basic introduction to its potential application as a spiritual path.

Real alchemy, as an ancient Hermetic art, works as a kind of lock and key, which opens the doors to confecting true quintessences for use in spiritual growth as well as elucidating many aspects of deeper and more effective magical practices than many of those currently taught in popular circles today.

Though not a “how to” recipe book, Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts lays solid groundwork to approach the subject of practicing alchemy productively, reveals a deeper path of practical understanding in advanced plant alchemy, and directs seekers toward deeper levels of knowledge in the realms of practical alchemy and magic.

Author: Aethyrius | Pages: 142

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  1. Introduction
  2. Presented from the Viewpoint of Hermetic Philosophy
  3. Conceptions About Alchemy
  4. Definition of Alchemy from a Classical Hermetic Point of View
  5. Approaching the Study of Practical Alchemy
  6. Understanding Alchemy’s Place within Hermetic Sciences
  7. Schism Between Alchemy and Magic
  8. Barriers in Approaching Real and Practical Alchemical Study
  9. Other Barriers to the Work
  10. Difficulty of the Great Work in the Metallic Kingdom
  11. True Initiatory Levels in Alchemy & Magic
  12. Understanding the Beginning Work in Practical Alchemy
  13. Ideas Circulating About Plant Alchemy & Spagyrics
  14. Traditional Viewpoint of Downplaying Plantwork as Real Alchemy
  15. Higher Genii of Humans & Nature Intelligences
  16. Prima Entia vs. Other Plant Work
  17. Entheogens & Prima Entia
  18. Quintessences as Rewards on the Path to the Stone
  19. Understanding Allegory—Its Purpose & Misdirection
  20. Allegory in Practical Lab Work
  21. Unveiling Alchemical Allegory in Religion
  22. Stones in the Work
  23. Mainstream Teaching vs. Adept Training in Alchemy & Magic