Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts


This book is for those interested in an overview of learning about what real practical alchemy is, the rewards for those who practice alchemy, and a basic introduction to its potential application as a spiritual path.

Real alchemy, as an ancient Hermetic art, works as a kind of lock and key, which opens the doors to confecting true quintessences for use in spiritual growth as well as elucidating many aspects of deeper and more effective magical practices than many of those currently taught in popular circles today.

Though not a “how to” recipe book, Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts lays solid groundwork to approach the subject of practicing alchemy productively, reveals a deeper path of practical understanding in advanced plant alchemy, and directs seekers toward deeper levels of knowledge in the realms of practical alchemy and magic.

Author: Aethyrius | Pages: 142

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Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts

The high alchemical arts are the singularly least understood aspect of the Mysteries, and yet also the most important for the Seeker. The word ‘alchemy’ is used frequently, but most often only in a context of baser notions of the art. In true alchemy, it is only Understanding that can lead to any practical application; thus, without the practical keys, ideas begin to circulate and continually morph into concepts that are no longer accurate reflections of the Western Mysteries.

Practical Alchemy gives spiritual Seekers a solid, accurate foundation to understand what real alchemy is, on both physical and spiritual levels, from the ancient adept point of view.

Seekers looking to quench deep spiritual thirst will be presented with an expanded level of information that is both practical and deeply spiritual, in a way that is easy to understand.

As the ancient divine Hermetic mother science, practical alchemy can be approached as its own spiritual path, but its proper understanding also illuminates various aspects of all other spiritual paths in harmonious and unifying ways.

Whether Seekers want to learn the truth about the legendary spiritual medicines created by alchemists, or to gain insights as to how alchemy accelerates spiritual evolution to integrate higher levels of awareness on nonphysical levels, this presentation will leave Seekers with the opportunity to step into a new paradigm.

Practical Alchemy will begin to establish a foundation to help to realign Seekers with an accurate and practicable Understanding.