Primum Ens: Blue Spruce (60mL)


Primum Ens of Picea pungens.

60ml of saturated solution of true alchemical quintessence of Blue Spruce obtained through our sacramental Ens process.

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Ingestion Notes:

  • Timing: It is considered best to take first thing in the morning upon rising, but other methods are 3 hours after eating and 30 minutes before meals, or before bed (a few hours after eating).
  • Shake Well: Shake well just before adding drops. The solution is saturated, which means it is concentrated and particulates of the physical Ens may settle to the bottom in between uses.
  • Removing Alcohol: If you wish to use a method of taking Ens without ingesting as much (or any) alcohol from the tincture, you can add boiled distilled water to a tea cup and add your drops of Ens to the hot water, which will evaporate off the alcohol from the tincture. Then allow it to cool some before drinking.

Dosage of Ens of Blue Spruce as a Sacramental Quintessence can be approached on a couple levels:

  • Taken in small doses over time it catalyzing psychospiritual functions in general, and it has a particularly tonic and energizing effect on the aethyric body. In this instance, start with 5 drops daily in 4 ounces of distilled water or white wine and increase by 1 drop every few days until you reach 10 drops per dose.
  • Increasing over time to substantially increased dosages facilitates the more potent qualities of the Ens; i.e. general detoxification of the body, purging of dysfunctions from the psyche, and direct stimulation of the 6th Interior Star, the spiritual eye (third eye). In this instance, after going through the process above, continue increasing by 1 drop every few days until you reach 30 drops per dose.