Primum Ens: Blue Spruce, 60ml


Primum Ens of Picea pungens.

60ml of saturated solution of true alchemical quintessence of Blue Spruce obtained through our sacramental Ens process.

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Primum Ens: Blue Spruce

The Primum Ens of Blue Spruce is an alchemical plant quintessence. In addition to tonic and catalyzing psychospiritual functions in general, it has a particularly energizing effect on the aethyric body and acts as a direct stimulant of the 6th Interior Star, the spiritual eye (third eye).

Ingredients: Saturated solution of pure Ens extraction of blue spruce (Picea pungens) in 100% pure grain alcohol.

See “Dosage Protocols” on how to remove the alcohol before ingesting Ens if you do not wish to ingest alcohol.