Primum Ens: White Oak, 60ml


Primum Ens of Quercus alba.

60ml of saturated solution of true alchemical quintessence of White Oak obtained through our sacramental Ens process.

Supports transformation by facilitating alignment and integration with one's transcendent nature.

Transcendence Comes From Alignment!

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Primum Ens: White Oak

The Primum Ens of White Oak is a sacred alchemical plant quintessence, and an official sacrament of Ordo Aethyrium. It is a strong yet gentle psychospiritual corrective.

White Oak Primum Ens Specifics:

  • Supports alignment and integration with one’s transcendent nature.
  • Assists to dissolve root stresses that prevent one from coming further into alignment with one’s life purpose.
  • Supports increased emotional balance and acceptance through transformation of shadow patterns.
  • Balances shadow aspects as they are cleared, or transformed and reintegrated.
  • Assists to clear blockages and opens access to higher levels of awareness.
  • Assists to develop core strength to face and constructively deal with worldly issues that manifest as a result of root stresses in the psyche.
  • Supports to ground, center, and stabilize after clearing patterns and programs through healing modalities or specific remedies.
  • Assists in opening to the harnessing and integrating aspects of solar levels of consciousness.
  • Supports in developing the branches of one’s personal, inner (microcosmic) Tree of Life to reconnect and integrate into the universal (macrocosmic) Tree of Life.
  • Assists in growing the roots of one’s personal, inner (microcosmic) Tree of Life to grow deeper to increase core strength, facilitating one’s capacity to attain and hold expansive states through grounded integration.
  • Used regularly in small doses as a supportive essence, it will over time bring about gentle shifts as aspects of being are awakened through subtle integration.

Ingredients: Saturated solution of pure Ens extraction of white oak (Quercus alba) in 100% pure grain alcohol.

See “Dosage Protocols” on how to remove the alcohol before ingesting Ens if you do not wish to ingest alcohol.