Splendor Solis: The World’s Most Famous Alchemical Manuscript


The only high-quality yet affordable edition available of the classic alchemical manuscript Splendor Solis, described as “the most magnificent treatise on alchemy ever made”. Includes up-to-date commentary from experts in the field and a modern translation of the 16th-century text.

A magnificent edition of Splendor Solis for all those interested in alchemy, magic and mysterious manuscripts.

Popularly attributed to the legendary figure Salomon Trismosin, Splendor Solis (‘Splendour of the Sun’), with 22 fabulous illustrations, is rich in allegorical and mystical symbolism.

The paintings are given a fitting showcase in this new Watkins edition, which accompanies them with Joscelyn Godwin’s excellent contemporary translation of the original 16th-century German text, as well as interpretation from alchemical experts Stephen Skinner and Georgiana Hedesan, and from Rafal T. Prinke, an authority in central and Eastern European esoteric manuscripts.

The images are taken from the British Library manuscript Harley 3469, the finest example of the Splendor Solis to survive.

Authors: Skinner, Godwin, Prinke, Hedesan
Pages: 264 (Hardback)

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