Terms of Premium Membership

Premium Member accounts are open at $11/month for a 30 to 50% Discount Storewide.
(Sign Up fee is $22)

Once the Charter level is full, the monthly Premium Membership price may increase.
Lock in your grandfathered rate today!

Is a Premium Membership Right for You?

We realize a Premium Membership is not for everyone… that’s why we offer great Aethyrworld regular-price options, but price is not always the only consideration. See Our Goals & Member Benefits.

What If I Want to Cancel?

Will it be a pain in the neck?

No. Premium Membership is monthly and can be cancelled by you at any time from right inside your My Account page. Your Member benefits will continue until the end of your current membership cycle, and then your account will be automatically converted to a regular customer account.

Personally, I really, REALLY resent when companies make their cancellation process difficult or time-consuming to implement. To me, that usually means they are more interested in holding members hostage for a little extra money than trying to exceed expectations and consistently deliver high-quality products and service that retains members.

Terms of Cancellation:

  1. There are no refunds for Membership fees, as they are dues that extend benefits on a monthly billing cycle, whether or not product purchases are made during that time interval. It is your responsibility to cancel your premium membership before it renews.
  2. You are free to upgrade again in the future as a previous Member in good standing; however, you will not keep your grandfathered status and you will have to pay the current membership price at the time of renewal, which may be higher in the future.
  3. Renewals incur the Sign Up fee each time after a previous cancellation of Premium Membership. (This is to deter abuse through churning.)

Good Faith Policy Violations: Membership fees are meant to stabilize Aethyrworld and make sure we can service you with excellent product at wholesale-direct prices. Most people will become a Member in the good-faith spirit with which we all participate in a cooperative. However, account churning violates that spirit, and repeated violations will result in being permanently banned.

An Example of Churning: Someone who joins for $11 per month, places a large order, then cancels the $11 per month Member renewal, then rejoins several months later and does the same thing. Aethyrworld cannot function as a healthy entity this way, and while we know that the majority of our Members are good honest people who understand and share in the spirit of Aethyrworld, there will always be a few who will try to abuse things.

To deter this, we must charge the Sign Up fee for renewals any time there has been a purposeful cancellation. Predatory churning practices are an unfortunate reality with any kind of membership that gives pricing benefits, and that is why we must have strict enforcement of these policies.